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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

San Antonio man hacks father in the head with machete (photos)

A San Antonio man attacked his father with a machete and hacked him on the head, leaving him with a gashing wound.

The attack was caught on tape and shows the man screaming at his bleeding father and making efforts to get closer to him. There was a gate separating them and another man made sure to keep the angry son from getting close to his father. The machete used in the attack was seen lying in the grass after the son dropped it there. He claimed he attacked his father because he "abused" him for years.
The man seemed a bit drunk and kept rambling incoherent words. All the while, his bleeding father stood dazed by the road. The man seen in the video trying to keep the son from carrying out further attack on the father was later seen on the phone making a call. Soon after, police arrived and subdued the attacker before arresting him.

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