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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Scorned woman goes on rampage, smashes up cheating husband's BMW and threatens to burn him alive

A woman angry that her husband cheated on her, got revenge by smashing his BMW with a sledgehammer and also threatened to set him on fire.

Dramatic footage shows the scorned woman battering the side of the vehicle after finding out about her partner's alleged affair. She shattered the front and back windscreen of the black car with the weapon then threatened to "burn" her " love-rat " husband of ten years in his trailer.
Holding the weapon, the woman shouted: "I've been married ten year, I've never broke nothing my whole life. I can assure you that no one is going to have you when I'm finished with you.
"I never broke a cup, a plate, in my life."
She referred to her husband as Michael as she hit the windscreen and revealed that he was with the woman on Tuesday night.

She said: "You won't be going home with this car. That's what cost you for your one night.
"I hope to almighty Jesus it was all worth it - every bit of it."
Watch the video below.

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