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Friday, 12 January 2018

Trump Asked Why The "Pretty Korean Lady" In A Meeting Wasn't Working On North Korea — REPORT

According to a report from NBC News, President Trump subjected an Asian-American intelligence analyst to an awkward exchange in their first-ever meeting, and in keeping with recent news regarding the president, his comments had a decidedly racist edge. During the meeting, Trump reportedly asked the Asian analyst about her ethnicity, and upon learning her parents were Korean, asked his aide why this "pretty Korean lady" wasn't negotiating with North Korean officials for his administration.

The meeting reportedly took place in the Oval Office, as the analyst was briefing Trump about the upcoming release of a family being held captive in Pakistan. Once she was done with the briefing, according to NBC News, Trump asked: "Where are you from?"
The analyst reportedly first said she was from New York, an answer that did not satisfy him. Then, she told him that she was from Manhattan like him. Finally, Trump put the question more plainly, asking the analyst where "your people" were from.
She reportedly responded that her parents were Korean, leading Trump to wonder aloud why the "pretty Korean lady" ― who was an intelligence official briefing him on events in Pakistan ― wasn't involved in the administration's negotiations with North Korea.
NBC News says they received this story in the aftermath of Trump's widely condemned racist remarks on Thursday. During a meeting regarding immigration, Trump balked at protections for immigrants from what he reportedly called "sh*thole countries" like Haiti, El Salvador, and throughout Africa, while insisting the U.S. needed more immigrants from countries like Norway, which is overwhelmingly white.

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