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Thursday, 8 November 2018

5 Reasons Atiku Thinks He Should Be President

Nigeria’s former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar is set to officially declare his presidential ambition later today. Over the past weeks, Atiku has courted the media, hosted young Nigerians and given his opinion on nearly every National issue.

Atiku believes he has all it takes to be President of Nigeria. Based on recent media interactions here are 5 reasons Atiku thinks he should be President:

1. Atiku believes he has more experience than President Goodluck Jonathan

Atiku believes Nigeria needs an experienced hand steering it’s affair and guiding it through stormy weather.

In a recent interview with AFP, Atiku said, "I told Nigerians that he (Goodluck Jonathan) did not have the capacity, he didn’t have the experience. He didn’t have anything, yet they gave him the chance, the opportunity. And they can now see the chance and the opportunity they gave him. Of course I’m more experienced than he is. I believe my capacity cannot be compared with his, in all respect".

2. Not running will mean giving up on Nigeria

 There is no greater patriot than Atiku. The custom officer turned career politician believes not running for President means giving up on Nigeria; a grave sin he can never contemplate.

Few weeks ago, Atiku told journalists from THE SUN, "I won’t give up until I can no longer have the capacity, the strength. I cannot give up on Nigeria".

3. He’s an inspiration to Nigerian youths; a man who rose from nothing to something

Atiku is a poor boy who rose from nothing to something (Click here to Read My Life By Atiku Abubakar). He considers himself a symbol of hope to million of Nigerian youths. At 68, he is one of the most successful career politician in Nigerian.

Recently, his aide Malam Garba Shehu even told us that "The story about a ‘shoeless leader’ was stolen from Atiku"

4. He’s passionate about Education and will make it a priority

"Education is the investment closest to my heart - I started from nursery school,
all the way to university” Atiku, September 20,2014

Atiku recently showed how much he believes in the Education of the Nigerian child by granting scholarships to 15 of the Chibok girls who recently escaped their Boko haram captors.

5. 50 percent of his cabinet members will be Youths

"50% of my cabinet would be young people - qualified young Nigerians. We have them around the world" –Atiku, September 20,2014

While PDP youths are busy tweeting #30PercentOrNothing , Atiku is offering Nigerian youths 50percent of all cabinet appointment should he ever get elected as President of Nigeria.

Do you think Atiku deserves to be President of Nigeria ? ; take a deep breathe, answer carefully...

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